Many years of our experience seeking effective solutions to ever-changing staffing challenges has allowed us to create a comprehensive and proven method to meet your company’s needs that we call “OMAX SYSTEMS.”
We are dedicated to integrity and customer service, and we only consider candidates that are suitable for the job. We not only gives you the most qualified resource, but also saves your valuable time and money.

  • With our experience and knowledge, we are able to help you develop a comprehensive Job profile for the position
  • Locate a Talent
  • Screen and Shortlist the candidates
  • Give you the qualifying candidate
  • Set up a phone screen or interview
  • Monitor the candidate in a trial period at your company
  • Transition the candidate into a permanent position where requested, and so on continue to provide you the service depending on the terms agreed

Job Profile of Position

Depending up on the industry and type of job, our experts work very closely with your company’s HR Manager or a hiring Manger and draft a job Profile of position your company is interested to fill with the exact requirements and specifications needed for each employee.

Candidate Search

We use our vast network and database to locate the best and experienced candidates for your requirements.

Submission of Candidate

After shortlisting the best candidate’s, All the details are shared with the Client hiring manager for his or her evaluation.

Phone Screen or Interview

If hiring manager has any interest in any of the candidates, then hiring manager has the option to conduct a Phone / Skype screen or a formal interview to decide about the candidate.

Placement of Candidate

After client approval, and availability of candidate. We can schedule the candidate start date. OMX coordinates with the candidate and makes sure he or she has all of the necessary first day information.

During Contract – Limited Risk

We will assume all the risk that is involved with each candidate during the contract period. We are responsible for paying each candidate’s hourly wages, Payroll Tax, Federal and State unemployment tax, social security, workers compensation insurance and other related expenses.

Transition into Permanent Position

The candidate will have worked for the client for a three-month period and will have a solid grasp of everyday business operations and company policies. This will give you the ability to make an educated decision as to whether you would like to hire this candidate for a permanent position, have them extend their temp assignment or “audition” another candidate for the position.

Follow Up – We will follow up with each client on a periodic basis to ensure former contracted personnel is meeting companies expectations in their new permanent role.

We help you save time, money, and energy.

  • No more hassle and cost of advertising for each position
  • No more wasted time sifting through piles of resumes – No more countless and often frustrating interviews
  • No more need to perform background and reference checks
  • No more new employee tax expenses, payroll expenses, workman’s comp, or unemployment claims
  • No more need to offer benefit packages
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